What is the First Rule of Baseball?

Baseball is a game of rules and regulations, and the first rule is that there are lines drawn on the field that connect the bases. These lines, from home plate to first base and from home plate to third base, are used to determine if a ball is in play. If the ball is hit between the baselines, it's in play. If it's hit outside the baselines, it's called a foul. In 1887, a rule was adopted that only counted walks as successes, which had a huge impact on statistics.

If an initially ejected runner is declared safe due to an outfielder dropping the ball (in a tag or force play), removing his foot from the base (in a force play), or illegally preventing the runner from reaching a base where he would have otherwise safely reached, then this rule applies. If they balance and fail, or don't do so on a field that the referee judges fair, it's called a strike. This rule of permanent substitution differs from other sports such as basketball, hockey and American football, which practice free substitution. In addition to this rule, theoretically, a game could end if both the home and visiting teams ran out of players to replace (see substitutions below). If a ball declared a foul point is caught with two hits on the count, it is considered a third strike and out; if it is not initially caught by the receiver, it is still a two-hit free ball. Many fan leagues allow a starting player who has been eliminated to return to the game in the same position in the batting order under a re-entry rule.

Pitchers replace each other just like any other player (see above), and there is no limit on the number of pitchers that can be used in a game; the only limiting factor is the size of the team. The most controversial rule change in baseball history, which prohibited the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances, was widely supported to protect the integrity of the game. When they meet for office, the president or vice-president appoints an arbitrator who records all violations of statutes and rules during exercise. Running the bases is one of the most enjoyable parts of youth baseball but there are many rules associated with it. Lineup changes are strictly limited by baseball rules and should be communicated to referees who announce substitutions for opposing teams and fans.

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