What is the most rare hit in baseball?

The rarest of all is the triple play without assistance from an outfielder, made only once in the history of professional baseball, by Walter Carlisle. It's possible for a team to score in a triple play, but that's also phenomenally rare. However, no-hitter games are not the only rarity in baseball, as there are many feats in a single game and in a single season that we hardly ever see achieved. The rarest play in baseball is the three-pointer game without assistance.

This occurs when an outfielder completes all 3 putouts in an inning without the help of his teammates (for example, without throwing the ball to anyone). Unassisted triple play is the rarest type of triple play in baseball. Of the 150 in MLB history, only six have been recorded. It consists of a runner from third base who reaches first base stealing second and then is caught stealing third by the receiver without anyone getting out.

Almost no matter where the ball hits the ball, one of the nine players should be able to reach it and throw the ball into the infield before the batter can run 270 feet from home base to first base, around second and then to third base. Triple plays now almost always have the assistance of his teammates, so no hitter has a chance to make a three-base hit without risking making a mistake or making a hard throw through home plate. Baseball's triple crown of pitchers doesn't have the same level of difficulty as the batting team, as five pitchers have achieved the feat since 2000, including Justin Verlander and Clayton Kershaw last year. No matter how far a batsman hits the ball, a gardener could theoretically run, pick it up, and throw the ball to a teammate in the infield.

Although rare, there are still opportunities for batters to make a triple play without assistance during every game played by teams from around the world. Even after stadiums were built with walls, so that a ball hit over the wall was a home run, three-pointers remained more common than home runs. Robbing a house is a rare thing, so it would make sense that robbing a house after robbing second and third bases on the same trip would be much more of an anomaly. The strangest play in baseball history was made by Detroit Tigers forerunner Bill Freehan on July 4, 1968.Of every 10,000 pitches thrown in the MLB, only about six three-pointers will be recorded per season, making them one of the least common hits in attack in general.

Some works are rarer because they occur less frequently, while others may be rarer because only a small number are produced. In the fifth inning of the fifth game of the series against the Brooklyn Robins (later renamed the Dodgers), a hitter threw a lining to the center and Wambsganss jumped for an incredible catch, then stepped on second base to force the runner to head to third, and then scored the other runner approaching second. That means you're more likely to get hit by hitting someone with an air ball or throwing something at someone. But are they all that unusual? We wanted to delve deeper, explore and discover the rarest work in baseball.

The only two possible reasons for making a three-pointer today are some kind of mishap, a fun rebound, a tripping animal running onto the field, or the ball being hit in an area of the field that the defense purposely left uncovered because they didn't think the batter would hit the ball there. In baseball, the rarest type of triple play is when a player throws a ball from the ground and then throws it to third base to complete an out.

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