What is the rarest thing in baseball?

The rarest type of triple play, and one of the rarest events of any kind in baseball, is for a single outfielder to complete all three outs. However, no-hitter games are not the only rarity in baseball, as there are many feats in a single game and in a single season that we hardly ever see achieved. The rarest play in baseball is the three-pointer game without assistance. This occurs when an outfielder completes all 3 putouts in an inning without the help of his teammates (for example, without throwing the ball to anyone).

Using statistics or terminology that might be compatible with Baseball Almanac, you can name the strangest feat you can see in a ball game, but one that has happened before at least once. In baseball, the rarest type of triple play is when a player throws a ball from the ground and then throws it to third base to complete an out. The rarest of the rare plays, which I'm sure will never really happen but which would be incredible to see, would be one that can only happen under the rules of the National League. The rarest play in baseball is an unassisted triple play, which has only been achieved a handful of times in the history of the sport.

While I can't find the statistics for this event, I would say that the rarest play in baseball is an unassisted triple play in which no one on the field touches the ball after it has been hit by the batter. But are they all that unusual? We wanted to delve deeper, explore and discover the rarest work in baseball. The strangest play in baseball history was made by Detroit Tigers forerunner Bill Freehan on July 4, 1968.

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