The Rarest Play in Baseball: Unassisted Triple Play

Baseball is full of rare feats and events, but the rarest of them all is the unassisted triple play. This occurs when an outfielder completes all three putouts in an inning without the help of his teammates, such as throwing the ball to anyone. This has only been achieved a handful of times in the history of the sport, making it one of the most remarkable and unique plays in baseball. The most famous unassisted triple play was made by Detroit Tigers forerunner Bill Freehan on July 4, 1968. This play was so remarkable that it is still remembered today as one of the most incredible feats in baseball history.

In order to understand why this play is so rare, it is important to understand the rules of baseball. In the National League, a player must throw the ball from the ground and then throw it to third base to complete an out. This means that a player must be able to react quickly and accurately in order to make this play. In addition, a player must have exceptional reflexes and agility in order to make this play.

The outfielder must be able to catch the ball and then throw it to third base before the runner can reach the base. This requires a great deal of skill and coordination, which is why this play is so rare. The rarity of this play makes it one of the most remarkable feats in baseball history. It is a testament to the skill and athleticism of those who have achieved it, and it is something that will be remembered for years to come. So if you ever find yourself at a baseball game, keep an eye out for this rare feat.

It may not happen often, but when it does, it will be something you won't soon forget.

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